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  • Is Your B2B Marketing Strategy Sporadic and Deviating From Customer Engagement and Revenue Objectives?

    Marketing is a serious revenue generating function that is proven to add continuous value to business-to-business (B2B) companies.
  • Brand awareness is never enough.

Is Your B2B Company Sidestepping Marketing Strategy Fundamentals?

An unfortunate trend in B2B marketing is the accelerated deviation from marketing fundamentals. Stretched resources are repeatedly wasted on low-impact and “busy” marketing activities that often revolve around marketing automation, box-ticking exercises, uninformed investments in “shiny new” technology and vanity metrics. Pressurised by fads and technology vendors, companies rush to become “high tech” without building this on a solid foundation and strategy that ensures marketing basics are continuously addressed, measured, optimised and prioritised.

A high-impact quality over quantity approach is achievable in modern B2B marketing but this methodology requires accountability, bravery, discipline and ultimately an unfashionable but proven back to basics B2B marketing strategy.

Do You Recognise These Marketing Problems at Your B2B Company?

“Who Are Our Potential Customers and What, When, Where and Why Do They Find Out About Us?”

“Why Does Our Marketing Department Rarely Engage With Customers and Not Prioritise Success Stories?”

“Our CRM System Is a Mess; How Can We Make Informed Strategic Decisions and Get Valuable Insights?”

“What's the Origin of Our Revenue and Why Is It Difficult To Find and Report on the First Customer Touchpoint?”

“We Seem To Have Underperforming Channels That Are Expensive, Yet We Continue To Invest in Them?”

“Why Is Our Marketing Team Mostly Measuring Success From a Brand Awareness Perspective?”

Learn More About How B2B Marketing Problems Can Negatively Impact Your Revenue Potential

How Continuous Marketing Can Help Your B2B Marketing Strategy

Identify and Empathise With Your Target Market

Increase Your Customer Engagement

Optimise Your CRM System  Processes and Reporting

Unearth Where Your Business Actually Comes From

Prioritise and Strategically Utilise Your Limited Resources


Champion Revenue as Your Ultimate Success Metric

Learn More About How Continuous Marketing Can Help Your B2B Marketing Strategy

Why Collaborate With Continuous Marketing?

Continuous Marketing Limited was incorporated in November 2021 and is a business-to-business (B2B) marketing strategy consultancy and services company based in beautiful Aberdeenshire, Scotland near the historic city of Aberdeen. It was founded by Gordon Duthie, BA (Hons), MSc, FHEA who has over eleven years of global B2B marketing experience at small, medium and large international companies.

Gordon has enjoyed and gained rich global experience by collaborating and learning from colleagues across the world and has worked on projects related to customers in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and South America.

Gordon also has over ten years of academic marketing experience as an undergraduate student, postgraduate student, digital marketing lecturer and also completed a full three-year term as an external examiner for the MSc, International Marketing course at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen.

Learn More About the Experience, Services and Solutions Provided by Continuous Marketing

The Beliefs and Values of Continuous Marketing

B2B Marketing Strategy Should be Continuous

Brand Awareness is Never Enough

Doing Your Time and the Value of Experience

Having a Global Mindset

Marketing is a Serious Revenue Generating Function

Quality Over Quantity

Substance Before Style

The Power of Giving Back, Philanthropy and Social Enterprises*

*A founding principle of Continuous Marketing is to donate 10% of annual net profit to a local charity that positively impacts social issues in Aberdeenshire and a charity that provides a global solution to combat both climate change and poverty.

Does Working With Continuous Marketing Seem Like a Good Fit?

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