How Continuous Marketing Can Help Your B2B Marketing Strategy

Identify and Empathise With Your Target Market

There's no shortcut in the pursuit of identifying, understanding and satisfying your ideal customers. This requires a ceaseless commitment to defining and evolving content, messaging and positioning for your target industries, companies and personas. Knowing where B2B problem solvers look for solutions is crucial, so you can be in the right place at the right time to provide unique value. Continuous Marketing can help you demystify your target audience and develop an “inch wide, mile deep content creation framework for your niche B2B market.

Increase Your Customer Engagement

Great B2B marketers always try to walk in their customer's shoes. Satisfied customers are your most credible brand ambassadors and the best champions of your products and services. Continuous Marketing can help you become customer-centric and create trusted client relationships that benefit both sides. For example, the creation of interesting user stories that prove value, finding new customer-led differentiation points and encouraging marketers to be a key stakeholder in continually understanding the evolving needs of your clients.

Optimise Your CRM System  Processes and Reporting

Your CRM system should be an invaluable company asset that helps guide key strategic decisions. Unfortunately, it can be a data dumping ground that gets so out of control it becomes a potential liability. Continuous Marketing can help you optimise your existing CRM system or assist in the implementation of a new CRM system. Either way, new data points and processes will be introduced to generate valuable insights and reporting. With the aim of providing accurate and easy-to-access information about customer buying journeys and revenue origins.

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Unearth Where Your Business Actually Comes From

It's crucial in B2B marketing to understand where high intent interest from net new business prospects is being generated and how existing customers are interacting with your marketing channels. Continuous Marketing can help you take the guesswork out of performance analysis and implement data points and research methods that will empower you with deep customer-led insights into where your business comes from and how it's retained. As a result, you can concentrate on profitable marketing activities and thoroughly scrutinise futile projects.

Prioritise and Strategically Utilise Your Limited Resources

B2B marketing departments are under increasing pressure from multiple internal stakeholders to deliver projects quickly. Unfortunately, these rushed activities are often prioritised by who shouts the loudest — in many cases deviating from the marketing strategy — resulting in a self-defeating spiral of relentless low return on investment activities. Continuous Marketing can help you develop a Five Ws and How culture in your marketing team, provide guidance on justifying strategic projects and assist with the deliverables to accelerate completion. 

Champion Revenue as Your Ultimate Success Metric

The bottom line is businesses survive on revenue and this needs to be deep-rooted in the mindset of B2B marketing teams. In the digital age, it's easy to generate and manipulate vanity metrics. Incredibly, in some companies it may be deemed a risky strategy to evaluate your performance on revenue. Continuous Marketing can help you reveal the true strengths and weaknesses of your marketing strategy with a revenue-focused lens. Continuous Marketing can also assist in the creation of attentive content across the AIDAS stages. Brand awareness is never enough.

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